Our Mission Statement

ASPP is committed to conducting our business in a manner which upholds and confirms the strongly held principles:

  • Commitment to honesty and integrity in communicating with our clients and our Team;
  • Commitment to providing the best possible service to our clients to satisfy all their security needs in a way which makes us proud to have been able to assist them;
  • Commitment to maintain high ethical standards in our dealings with our clients, our Team, and other organizations;
  • Commitment to provide value for money through providing a quality service and quality products at comparative prices;
  • Commitment to strong leadership within the industry through good management and staff development;
  • Commitment to maintain an above industry standard;
  • Commitment to being a good corporate citizen.

Our Business Objectives 

  • To provide only licensed and trained personnel
  • To provide the best possible service for our clients
  • To provide our clients with value for money
  • To be Victoria’s premium security provider
  • To be flexible when assessing our clients’ needs
  • If possible, to assist our clients when needed

Our Code of Ethics
What you can expect from ASPP:

ASPP will:

  • Comply with the Private Agents Registry, government policies and the Law
  • Respond to reasonable request for advice and information without delay
  • Show fairness in our treatment of all individuals or organizations that supply goods or services to ASPP
  • Always be accountable and act in the clients’ interest
  • Deal honestly with clients and suppliers and pay accounts on time
  • Encourage fair and open competition while seeking value for money for our clients
  • Try to minimize costs to our clients
  • Protect Client in confidence information
supportOur Mission