Australian Security Private Protection Pty Ltd, Secure You The Australian Way

Over 30 years experience in the security industry, ranging from crowd control to risk management; Australian Security Private Protection (ASPP) specialises in Manpower security that can be customized to suit individual requirements. The distinct characteristics of our services are integrity, pride and professionalism with our philosophy being security, strength and service.

At ASPP, we specialize in:

✔ Security Services Management

✔ Personal Leadership

✔ Control Loss Prevention

✔ Investigations

✔ Custom Solution Design

✔ Client Account Management

✔ OHS and Compliance Management

✔ Airline Security Operations

✔ Static and Mobile Control

✔ Close Personal Protection

✔ CCTV Surveillance 

✔ Crowd Control

ASPP is an Australian based security firm with its Head Office in Melbourne, Victoria.  The company was founded with a unique vision – to provide security that was more than just a presence in a uniform.

We are committed to providing our clients with security solutions that are tailored to meet their unique situations rather than taking the one-size-fits-all approach that sadly is only too common in our industry.

Whatever your needs, ASPP will be able to provide you with what you require. Whether it is event staff, security guarding teams or investigators, ASPP has professional people that will go above and beyond expectations.

ASPP prides itself on providing a complete and personalized service focusing on each client’s specialized and varied requirement. ASPP operates in a professional manner, with fully trained and experienced personnel.

We are aware that by keeping our commitment to client satisfaction that we will continue to grow within Melbourne, Victoria and Australia wide. ASPP places its clients’ needs as a priority, resulting in a professional service at an affordable price.

At ASPP, we understand that the most valuable assets of any organization or individual are those that can’t be insured or replaced; a sense of security, peace of mind and of course, people.

That’s why we believe that our most important asset is our people and that taking care of our people is the key to our success. We take on security for you.

What clients we serviced:

✔ Cathy Pacific Airlines, special services in ETD { explosive traces detection }

Airport Image 5

✔ Construction Security and the supply of Man Power with accredited Traffic Control and Red Card license holders: Grocon, JHON Holland

✔ Melbourne Mains Tunelling and a partnership with Yarra Valley Water

✔ Loss Prevebtion for Myer and Chemists around Australia

✔ Close Personal Protection included some of the High Profile Celebrities which includes Michael Jackson, John Travolta, U2 and more to mention.

As the Director , Wally Kaadan, has only one philosophy, which is Relationships, Honesty, and Loyalty, which money cannot buy. With a career spent in security, working across every aspect of the business from static guarding to investigations and aviation security services, I have a comprehensive understanding of the sector from a frontline and managerial perspective.